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Class Format

MTPA will be offering four classes in the 2023 season. The classes are as follows:

High Point Awards for 2023

Individual points for riders in the 5, 8, and Open classes for the 2023 season will be determined by the riders top 30 runs. This will determine high point riders from each rating for year-end awards. Riders must attend a total of 5 shows to be eligible for year-end prizes. 


Individual points for the riders in the Youth class will be determined based on the total number of runs the rider competes in for the 2023 season. A youth rider must compete in a total of 5 MTPA shows to qualify for year-end awards. 


The Board after much discussion has determined this to be a fair and equitable way to give every member the opportunity to compete for year end awards. The Board will re-visit this after the 2023 season to evaluate the effectiveness of this plan and if adjustments are required for the 2024 season.

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