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MTPA Rules

To be attached to and form part of the Canadian Team Penning 2010 (CTCPA) General Rules and Regulations

Youth Ratings:

  1. Youth members are 16 years of age and under as of January 1st.

  2. Youth riders must wear a helmet.

Show Regulations:

  1. All penners must be MTPA and Manitoba Horse Council members and must have a CTCPA classification card. A person may compete in two sanctioned events (home town rule) before a membership is required. However all new entrants must sign a waiver and a classification form filled out. The Director in charge is to be provided by the show secretary (at the time of entries, prior to the show) of any entrants wishing to take advantage of the home town rule. A criteria number will be then assigned to each penner.  The Points accumulated previous to purchasing a membership will not count toward Year End standings. Points accumulated on the day a membership is purchased will count even if the membership is purchased after the penning is completed. Individual points of MTPA members earned while penning with non-members will have these points counted towards year-end individual standings.

MTPA Finals Show: All riders must attend minimum 5 MTPA shows to be eligible for finals.


MTPA Zero Tolerance for Abuse Statement 

The Manitoba Team Penning Association (MTPA) takes a zero-tolerance stance on verbal, emotional, sexual and/or physical abuse of any MTPA member, including but not limited to the Board of Directors, officials, volunteers, show committee, arena operators, and/or any paid employee of the MTPA during or after any MTPA sanctioned or affiliated show. MTPA also upholds a zero-tolerance stance on animal abuse at MTPA sanctioned shows. 


The MTPA has referred to Rule #14 in the Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association (CTCPA) rules and regulations in the drafting of its zero-tolerance statement. For reference rule #14 is shared below:


  • Unsportsmanlike conduct by a team and/or rider may result in disqualification. Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as abuse of one’s horse or cattle, excessive use of foul language, intoxication in the arena or on the grounds or any other conduct felt to be detrimental to the sport of team penning. Abuse of one’s horse may include but is not limited to excessive jerking, spurring, whipping, slapping or kicking or riding a horse that is visibly lame, sick or emaciated. Unsportsmanlike conduct may also be levied against a rider showing disrespect, physical, verbal or written abuse to a Judge, Line Official, Show Management, or any Show or facilities staff. Any rider who shows disrespect to those parties listed in the previous sentence will be awarded an unsportsmanlike conduct and will be disqualified for that day of competition and all entry fees for the day will be forfeited. This rule is to be enforced by the presiding Judge, Arena Director and/or Show Management. 

  • The sanctioned association and/or the CTCPA reserves the right to suspend any rider from competing in the balance of the show at which the offense took place and further, will review the offense to determine if further suspension is required. 

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct may also be levied for any physical, verbal or written abuse to any member of a rating committee regardless if it occurs during or outside of a sanctioned event. This rule will be enforced by the local association and/or the CTCPA. 

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