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What is Team Penning?

During the last couple of decades, Team Penning has taken the horse world by storm. People from all walks of life are competing on all breeds of horses. No cowboy background is necessary to Team Pen, just saddle up and head’em for the pen! It is a sport in which the entire family can participate.

The concept of Team Penning is three riders attempt to separate three identically numbered cattle from a herd of approximately 30 milling cattle, drive them the length of the arena, and then attempt to corral them in the pen; hence, the name “Team Penning”. To add excitement and crowd appeal, this feat must be completed within a designated time frame, and of course, the fastest time wins. As you can well imagine, uncooperative cattle, fast horses and howling participants ensure enormous crowd appeal.

The roots of Team Penning are steeped in western heritage, back to the days of cattle drives. It has developed into a sport in which anyone who can ride a horse can participate. Team Penning offers the opportunity to enjoy our western roots and enjoy the company of some of the finest folks that ever wore boots!

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